Axistasoft, Singapore Custom Software Development, Web Design & Development, and Consulting Company

We Provide A Structure for Effectively Running Your Website In The Long Run

For new business owners starting to tap into the cyberspace, we can help you outline how your business should position itself online, what online media you should use to spread your marketing message, and how should you communicate with the customers.

For emerging business owners, we can help you outline how your website can recover its costs, how should you monitor and grow your online traffic, and what usability and accessibility you should improve to boost user experience (UX).

We think strategically

Research & Analysis

Until we get to know more about your business strategy and a long-term roadmap, proposing a website revamp project every year is not a viable strategy.

We will carry out some market research on your products and services, and recommend how you can stay ahead of competitors utilizing the best that the web technologies can offer.

Web Governance

Having to build great website is only the beginning of a wonderful journey. Successfully maintaining it is always the hardest. We can be part of your structured web support team, advise you on making decisions about your web presence in social networking sites (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn & etc), search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns or search engine optimization (SEO). We firmly believe that your website should not just look great, it should pay for itself too. 

Web Measurement

Websites should be constantly monitored, tested and improved. As part of an organization’s culture, you should carry out a periodic reviews and have an ongoing maintenance and support program that improve the website usability and accessibilty. The end result can be fruitful. We can provide you a thorough guidelines, walk you through that process and help you put a monitoring system in place.

Our ultimate goal is trying to draw a picture of what a successful website will achieve. This is usually achieved through careful creation of calls to action that are measurable against success criteria.